Are you planning a luxurious trip to London?

London is a city known for its luxurious accommodation. There are numerous luxury hotels in London and also cheap hotels for those with a smaller budget for their visit to the capital. There are also bed and breakfast places in the city but many people are not aware of self catering accommodation in London.

Luxury serviced apartments are an ideal alternative to luxury hotels. London serviced apartments offer guests a spacious place all of their own where they can stay and relax at their own leisure. These apartments are fully-furnished and have all the necessary fittings so guests will have everything they need for their stay and all the comfort of home.

This type of accommodation in London also has its own kitchen where visitors can prepare and enjoy their own food should they not wish to venture out into the city when hungry. With luxury serviced apartments in London, you get somewhere comfortable, welcoming and practical to stay without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money to stay in a luxury hotel.

Budget is an issue for consideration when looking for accommodation in London. Luxury hotels can cost an extremely large amount and cheap hotels in London often offer poor quality. Small, dark and basic hotel rooms are common when staying in cheap hotels and facilities are also often limited.

Luxury serviced apartments in London are the perfect compromise. They enable guests to stay somewhere luxurious, beautiful and convenient without having to blow their budgets.

At euskalanuncio, we strive to offer our guests a high quality of accommodation in London and believe we have managed to accomplish this with the development of our serviced apartments. Our luxury serviced apartments in London are perfect for all visitors to the city looking for somewhere special and affordable to stay.

Holiday Villas – Some Considerations

More people than ever are now renting holiday villas, but to many, the novelty can be a little worrying. There are a few things worth considering before booking a rental villa and packing your bags:


Some Mediterranean countries can be quite chilly in autumn and winter, especially in the hills. However, heat is usually the main factor so it is worth remembering that warm countries in summertime are usually hotter inland than the on the coast and vice-versa in the winter. When going to a hot country in summer, make sure that the rental villa is equipped with air conditioning.


A secluded villa up in the hills sounds very appealing, but the appeal will soon wear off if you are stuck 20 miles from the nearest store. And would you be willing to get a taxi every time you wanted a drink with your dinner? If the rental villa is not on a bus route then a hire a car may well be the best option.

Swimming pool

If the rental villa is near the beach, will you really need your own pool? Swimming pools in general are not heated in holiday villas so the water temperature in winter can be pretty cool, even in hot countries. Conversely, there are few things as satisfying as taking a dip in your own private pool on a sweltering summer’s day!

Book with a reputable company, always use a reputable company to find quality holiday villas. Good villa rental companies gain their reputations by ensuring that their properties are exactly as they are advertised. Azure Holidays are one such company who have gained a fantastic reputation in villa rentals. They are a UK-based company offering quality villa rentals in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and South Africa.